Friday, June 21, 2013

Second Quarter 2013: Recent Florida Environmental and Land Use Case Law

The Florida Bar's Environmental and Land Use Law Section has posted its column on the environmental and land use cases in Florida that you need to know about for the second quarter of 2013. This is the column that I formerly coauthored. Here is what we've got this quarter:
  • Clipper Bay Invs., LLC v. Dep’t of Transp., No. 1D11-5496, 2013 WL 425882 (Fla. 1st DCA Feb. 5, 2013). "The Marketable Record Title Act’s exception for easements and right-of-ways is applicable to land held as a fee estate for the purpose of a right-of-way, so long as competent, substantial evidence establishes the land is held for such a purpose."
  • Wendler v. St. Augustine, 108 So. 3d 1141 (Fla. 5th DCA 2013). As I pointed out previously, the statute of limitations for filing a Bert Harris Act claim in court is within 4 years of the government’s act. Section 70.001(11), it held, is a pre-suit condition merely requiring that a claim be presented to a local government within 1 year of its act.
  • Alachua Land Investors, LLC v. Gainesville, 107 So. 3d 1154 (Fla. 1st DCA 2013). As I discussed, for an inverse condemnation claim to be ripe, the plaintiff should prove (1) the regulation denies substantially all economically beneficial or productive use of the land; (2) alternative uses were applied for and conclusively denied by the regulatory body; and (3) at least one meaningful application has been filed under the existing regulations.
  • Nieto v. Mobile Gardens Ass’n of Englewood, Inc., No. 2D11-4958, 2013 WL 1489377 (Fla. 2d DCA Apr. 12, 2013). "A homeowners association lacks standing to enforce restrictive covenants unless it is the direct assignee of the developer’s right to enforce deed restrictions or it is a successor in interest of the developer."
  • Martin Cnty. Conservation Alliance v. Martin Cnty., No. SC11-2455, 2013 WL 1908644 (Fla. May 9, 2013). As I've discussed previously, the Florida Supreme Court dismissed review of a case from the 1st DCA sanctioning environmental organizations for advancing legal positions unsupported by material law or fact.
For those interested, there are about two years' worth of analysis and these summaries on new environmental and land use cases in Florida in my archives.